Our unique collection
Wash basins and toilets

Mistley toilets

Classical, functional, beautiful high level and low level toilets

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Ethos wash basin

An Edwardian Wash Basin, timeless elegance

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Ethos classic toilet and bidet

High or low level ceramic toilet

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Formello wash basins

Eye catching, elegant washbasins and toilets

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Formello toilets & bidets

Elegant styled, exquisitely made high and low cistern toilets

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Ortona classic double wash basin

Supported on ceramic feet, this double console basin makes a bold statement

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Hamar vanity units

A delightfully wide wash basin combined with a storage console

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Tuscany wash basins & stands

Stately washbasins with complementary wash stands and tables

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Dalby wash basins & vanity units

Wash, shave, brush - a luxurious way to prepare for the day

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Albion Nederland is located at a special location in the middle of the Netherlands. It always gives a wow-effect to enter the old flood shed for the first time. The reception at such a place is more personal than a visit to a standard new building on an industrial estate. You come here to visit, so to speak, which is why you can come to us by appointment any day of the week, we adapt to your schedule.

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