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Classical, functional, beautiful high level and low level toilets

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The Mistley cast iron toilet couples traditional design with modern manufacturing techniques. For example, to eliminate internal corrosion, the Mistley cistern is cast from marine grade aluminium.

The Mistley high level or low level toilet is also much more fun in a time of anonymous push button, space age toilets. Whether you have a period property and are faithfully recreating the interior with age appropriate fixtures or simply want to add a striking feature toilet to a modern open plan apartment, the Mistley High or Low Level toilets will work everywhere. We are not pulling your chain.

The flush pipe, flush handle or chain pull can be finished in either hard chrome or bright nickel. The cistern is also internally coated with a state-of-the-art epoxy coating. To ease installation, the fresh water inlet can be placed on the left or right hand side. Additionally, the chain pull or lever can be located on the left or right.

An optional cast bronze plaque (bolted on to the cistern rather than integrated in the mould) is available as a special finishing touch.

  • Mistley Low Level Toilet: Width 440 mm x Height 1100 mm.
  • Mistely High Level Toilet: Width 440 mm x Height (up to) 2200 mm.

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