Ethos wash basin

An Edwardian Wash Basin, timeless elegance

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The Ethos range of classically styled washbasins is a throwback to the Edwardian era when Ladies and Gentleman required time and above all space for their daily ablutions. Grooming products can be placed either side of the actual sink thanks to the basin’s broad flanks. There’s ample room for beard styling scissors and tweezers or a wide variety of skin lotions and potions.

The largest basin measures 710mm wide while a more compact version is available in 600mm. Both are available mounted on a china pedestal or our Concours tubular stand (shown here in chrome).

Ethos classical washbasins are supplied with three tap holes to accommodate ‘3-hole’ basin taps. Alternatively, you can use Amie or Beaufort pillar taps with the attractive central chain anchor.

  • Ethos Wash Basin on Pedestal: Width 600mm x Height 910mm
  • Ethos Wash Basin on Pedestal: Width 710mm x Height 910mm
  • Ethos Basin on Chrome Stand: Width 710mm x Height 910mm
  • Ethos Console Basin Ceramic Legs: Width 1020mm x Height 830mm / 900mm

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