The original Victorian roll top bath on feet

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The Solus Roll Top Bath is a faithful replica of an English Victorian freestanding bath and was one of the first models produced by Albion.

Available in two sizes, with and without tap holes. Alternatively, you can order a Solus bath on feet without tap holes and mount the taps on stand pipes or on an adjacent wall.

To combine your Solus roll top bath tub with functional showering, choose our Effusio Over-Bath Shower system. This will give you the day-to-day practicality of a shower but with the luxury of stylish bathing.

Iso Enamel keeps the water warmer & is easy to clean.

The Solus is made from our unique Iso-Enamel material. Creating a bath that’s strong, solid and durable. Importantly, it overcomes the extreme weight and heat loss of cast iron baths. Iso-enamel feels like porcelain to the touch with none of the ‘stickiness’ or damage issues associated with cheaper, acrylic baths.

Any colour you like.

The Solus freestanding bath can be finished in any colour you like. Simply choose a paint colour (Histor, Flexa, Farrow & Ball etc.) and supply us with either the name or code. Or opt for one of our gold, iron or burnished bronze finishes.

Click to see Meryl Streep bathe in a Solus with Alec Baldwin sat alongside her from the romcom, “It’s Complicated” © Universal Pics 2009.

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