Tubby Tub

The freestanding bath that thinks it's a film star

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Our Tubby Tub short freestanding bath tub has been created for all sizes of bathrooms including those with limited space (like Amsterdam canal houses & boutique hotels or New York apartments).

The Tubby Tub freestanding bath tub measures only 1200mm (4ft) in length, and is wonderfully deep allowing an average sized person to submerge themselves in water, even up to and over the shoulders.

Taps can be rim mounted, wall mounted or the Tubby can be partnered with stand pipes.

Iso Enamel keeps the water warmer & is easy to clean.

The Tubby tub is made from our unique Iso-Enamel material. Creating a bath that’s strong, solid and durable. Importantly, it overcomes the extreme weight and heat loss of cast iron baths. Iso- enamel feels like porcelain to the touch with none of the ‘stickiness’ or damage issues associated with cheaper, acrylic baths. And you can use all the standard cleaning products to make your bath look as good as new.

Any colour you like.

The Tubby Tub freestanding bath can be finished in any colour you like. Simply choose a paint colour (Histor, Flexa, Farrow & Ball etc.) and supply us with either the name or code. Or opt for one of our gold, iron or bronze burnished finishes.

Our Tubby Tub has become a star in its own right. Cameron Diaz took the plunge in one for ‘The Holiday‘ ¬© Universal Pics 2006 and you can also see one ‘Oorlogs Winter‘ (¬©Isabella Films 2009).

Discover just how long the water stays warm in a Tubby Tub here.

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